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Billets and blooms can be either spray marked or stamped. However, as the trend is towards spray marking, the following notes relate to this method but also dot matrix stamping is available should this be preferred.

IEL designed and supplied the world’s first metal spray billet marker in 1989/90. See Principle of marking if you are not familiar with this term.

We can supply units to mark characters from 20 to 50mm characters on the billet face, side or top. Several versions of markers are available depending upon the plant layout.

The main, alternative locations for marking machines on a multi-strand caster, are:

a) - At intermediate stops prior to the billets entering the transfer tables.
b) - At the end of the transfer table roller tables.
c) - At take-off beds.
d) - At walking beam tables
e) - At the end of single transfer roller tables.

The least costly machines are those installed at (d)
The most costly are those covering position (a).

We can supply markers for applying two lines of characters or, a Snowflake™ (see "Code Marking" on our Home Page) plus one line of characters on the product end, depending upon the billet/bloom size.

On today’s billet casters, with casting speeds of over 4 M/min, marking speeds are important. IEL machines can, if demanded, mark at the rate of over two characters per second. However, it is likely that descaling is required so it is important to discuss the plant layout and location of any marker, data to be marked and time available for marking, before any indication of prices can be given. Please therefore fill in the form below as comprehensively as possible and if a plant layout drawing or sketch can be e-mailed to us, all the better.

Typically, one marker could cover up to 3 strands on a multi-strand caster for alternatives (a) and (b) while only one would be needed for positions ( c), (d), & (e) for even a 6 strand caster depending upon the time available for marking.

The advantages of this type of marking are self evident; the characters are relatively large and can be read at a distance, for example, 25mm (1") characters can easily be read at 8-10M (25-30ft). The cost of consumables is negligible and the reliability and availability very high with no delicate mechanisms or components to go wrong in a normally very hostile environment.

Snowflake code marking and reading can only be accommodated in European and North American markets at this time.



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