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IEL supplied the world’s first metal spray marking machines in 1995. The conventional way of marking hot coils is by using dot matrix paint spray. See Principle of marking if you are not familiar with this term. Metal spray marking machines do however have certain advantages, the main ones being:

  • Very high quality marks.

  • Very high reliability and availability of the machine.

  • Minimum amount of service and maintenance.

  • Can be used on hot rolled coils from cold to 1000 deg C.

  • Commercial grade Aluminium wire is used i.e. no special purpose

Coils are usually presented to the marking machine "eye to sky" or, more commonly today, lying on its side with its axis in-line with the direction of travel. The position of the mark on the coil can be on the annulus or on the side or both, depending upon the method used to handle and stock the coils in the stock yard.
The least costly marker is one applying the mark along the crown of the coil side at 3 o’clock.
The most costly is one marking both the side and circumferentially on the
annulus end.
IEL supply two versions of this type of machine

  • MS200 - A medium duty, limited performance unit

  • MS300 - A heavy duty, high sophistication machine.

The choice between these versions depends strictly upon requirements and budget of the client. They both share the same marking principle and the mark on the coil would be of the same quality.

Dot matrix paint marking is the best option for complicated marking
applications or where the marking time is a limiting factor. It is also the only method available to mark cold rolled coils. Due to the small, low weight marking head, it can be more easily manipulated to achieve, for example, circumferential marking.
The sketches below indicate the possible mark locations on the coil. Please complete the form below for further details and budget prices.



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