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IEL supplied the world’s first metal spray, beam marking machines in 1993.

The conventional way of marking beams has been to stamp them by hand or automatically by machine. Both these methods are expensive and suffer from poor legibility. Dot matrix paint marking has been used but with limited success where the temperature of the section is high. Marking should however be done as early in the rolling process as possible, preferably at the saws, to minimise risk of possible incorrect identification due to product mix-ups, later.

See Principle of marking if you are not familiar with these terms.

The IEL metal spray section marker utilises a patented vertical flanged wheel with the characters cut out of the wheel rim. This makes for a very narrow marking head that can enter between the flanges of relatively small beams. Due to the use of stencils and the durability of metal spray, the marks produced are without equal.

The advantages of this type of marker are:

  • Very high quality marks.

  • High speed marking - 6 characters in 5 seconds cycle-time.

  • Very high reliability and availability of the machine.

  • Minimum amount of service and maintenance.

  • Can be used on sections ranging in temperature from cold to 1000 deg C.

  • The marks are ideal for automatic character recognition

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