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IEL installed the world's first two Metal Spray slab markers into Cockerill Sambre in 1983. Since then we have supplied some 20 slab markers around the world. See Principle of marking if you are not familiar with these terms.

Slabs are normally marked on the side or on the end, the location usually being dictated by the way the slabs are transported and stacked in the slab yard. Unusually, there are requirements for marking both the side and the end and indeed on the side and top. IEL have recently supplied a machine to mark one side and both ends of the slab (see photograph on our home page).

Characters can be from 20 to 110mm but it is important to appreciate that the smaller the character, the less costly is the consumption of consumables. Since the mark is produced using a stencil (see Principle of Marking), the characters are arguably the best possible, the reading distances should be taken into account when selecting the character size i.e. one should select the smallest characters commensurate with the required reading distance. The reading distance for a 100mm (4") character is about 50M (150ft) and for a 50mm (2") character, 25M (75ft).

Standard single or twin strand markers can be supplied for both side and end marking. The least costly option being a single machine located between the strands, marking the inner sides on both strands. The most costly is of course to have one marker per strand.

IEL uses high pressure water for descaling the slabs before marking. This produces a clean surface and is least costly in terms of service and maintenance.

Slabs are usually marked using Aluminium but Aluminium Bronze can also be accommodated.

IEL have three ranges of machines for slab marking;

MS100 - A very basic, low cost unit.
MS200 - A medium duty, limited performance unit.
MS300 - A heavy duty, high sophistication machine.

The choice between these versions depends strictly upon the requirements and budget of the client. They all share the same marking principle and the mark on the slab would be of the same quality. Please complete and e-mail us the list below for further details and budget prices.=



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